Rydewear Ambassador

You're one step closer to being part of Ryderwear's Social Squad, and we couldn't be more excited to have you join our community!

We have noticed you wearing Ryderwear and saw you pushing hard to reach your goals. We like what we saw and that’s why we want you on this team!

Each member of our squad is unique, using their platform to positively influence and inspire their community in their own authentic way.

Ready to get started? So are we!

How it works

1Apply via application below

2Post wearing Ryderwear & tag @ryderwear

3Receive your Ryderwear rewards


Post 4 Times on Instagram

$50 AUD / USD

Post 6 Times on Instagram

$100 AUD / USD

Post 8 Times on Instagram

$150 AUD / USD


Chance to be featured

Our Social team love to feature new and fresh content on our social channels, and often will look to our Social Squad for content to repost.


Exclusive rewards

Be one of the first to try our latest collections and receive our most anticipated ranges.


Monthly Incentives

With new incentives you can earn extra rewards to empower yourself and continue inspiring your community.


Networking events

Connect with our community through meet-ups and events.

Squad Requirements


  • @ryderwear must be tagged in post.
  • Logo must be clearly visible on the product.
  • Hashtag #teamryderwear and #ryderwear.
  • Tag relevant Instagram pages (@ryderwearwomens and @ryderwearshoes)

Be active within the Ryderwear Community! You can do this by engaging in Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter content. Make sure you’re part of the Team Ryderwear Facebook Community Group so you can share your passion for health, fitness and activewear with likeminded individuals.

You may be required to re-share specific content as per the direction of your Ambassador Manager on a per campaign basis.


Ryderwear has permission to use content for reposting and other promotional activities

Content must portray Ryderwear in a positive light

Ambassador Managers will send out campaign goals on a monthly basis. Ambassadors must stay compliant to remain in the program



Does this mean I’m a Ryderwear Athlete?
You’ve been selected to join our Social Squad because we love the community member you are and the content you create.

This program is a seperate program that’s also a stepping stone to our Athlete program so you’re still part of the Ryderwear family and a step closer to becoming a Ryderwear Athlete (if that’s your goal ;))!

Will I receive a discount code to share with my community?
You won’t receive a discount code or link to share with your community, as this is exclusive to our Athlete program.

We just want to see you rocking your Ryderwear gear and offer you something in return to say thank you! 

How do I get rewarded?
Check your email! Rewards will be sent to the email you register with.

When should I expect rewards?
You will receive an email after the end of the month if you earned a reward.

How many rewards can I earn in a month?
You will earn one reward per month, the highest reward you qualify for.

Do I add Social Squad to my Instagram bio?
Please don’t add Social Squad to your bio.
If you'd like to add something to your bio, please just put @ryderwear.


Is there a minimum amount I need to post?
There is no minimum posting requirement. If you post less than 4 times in a month it simply means you will not earn any credit for that month.

Do I need to promote and purchase from every new collection? 
Which collections you choose to wear and promote is completely up to you. There is no expectation to get behind our latest releases but of course we’d love it if you wanted to support our new collections! 

Do IG Stories count towards my monthly total? 
IG Stories are excluded from the monthly post count, as they disappear within 24 hours.There is no posting requirement around stories so you can post as few or as many as you like! 

What about Reels and IGTV? 
Reels and IGTV count towards your monthly total as long as @ryderwear & #teamryderwear are included in your caption, and the post is shared to your main profile grid.

Can I work with other brands?
Our Social Squad is not an exclusive agreement so you’re welcome to work with other brands you love! All we ask that your Ryderwear posts have Ryderwear as the focus, with the items and branding clearly visible because you love it.